Content Guidelines

Please check out our Content Guidelines below!
We understand that some experiences may have been difficult and that you may want to shed light onto these experiences. We encourage you to share these, however the final message will ideally be a celebration of your mixedness, to inspire others and to be entertaining, educational and empathic.

We will not accept rant posts.

Content Guidelines – what we are looking for:
Inspiring stories with a personal touch

Travel stories when you went back to your motherland (or fatherland)
Health & Wellbeing stories about your different cultures, how one taught you a different perspective/way of life to the other
• Why Language or lack thereof affected you as you grew up
Customs & Etiquette tips for others, or ones that need to be used more in your other culture
• How your unique
Heritage, inherited identity has shaped your values, perspectives, traditions etc.
• How Sports helped you become who you are today
• Exploring Food & Drink, this can be a fusion recipe of both your cultures,
food blogs or places visited
• Famous Celebrities and how they have inspired you 

Review of the Arts (Music, TV & Film, Art & Literature and Fashion)

• A piece of art that you made and why you made it, what inspired you
• A review of someone else’s art and what emotions it stimulated
• A mixed-ethnicity artist and what they mean to you
• A commentary on the industry relating to multi-people

A wider commentary relating to mixed-ethnicity

• upcoming Trends that you may have noticed
• A piece relating to Business
• Maybe you have completed a research project in the past that you want to post here (school, university essay, thesis, book)

• A thought-provoking piece that you’ve always wanted to get off your chest

 Embrace, Engage and Inspire!