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Japanese vs British (UK) Funerals: Similarities and Differences

Mourning The Queen, funerals give thanks and acknowledge death. The similarities and differences between Japanese vs British Funerals

Raising bilingual children: Multippl Parenting

Ling Wang discusses raising her half Canadian, half Chinese twins as bilingual

Julia Saubier – HALFIE HOUR INTERVIEW: the half Filipina actress passionate about representation

multippl speaks to Julia Saubier, the half Filipina model, actress and stuntwomen in an exclusive HALFIE HOUR© interview.

Isamu Noguchi: Sculptor and Citizen of the Earth

The half Japanese half American Isamu Noguchi dubbed by some as the 'Picasso of Sculptor' battled with adversity during his incredible life.

New Year’s Eve traditions in Japan vs Britain

Japanese New Year and all its traditions compared to the British one!

A Multippl Christmas

Ever wondered what a multippl Christmas is like? Is it different in a multicultural household? What's it like to have a guest from abroad...

Playing cricket in Japan, 10,000km away from its birthplace

"Playing a British sport with the traditional Japanese background of Mt Fuji was a true multicultural experience"

Code-switching: the versatility of half Asian bilingualism

As a bilingual speaker, code-switching has been a useful tool in communicating ideas

Big Comedy Night showcases rising half Asian talent

Comedians Phil Wang, Everlyn Mok and Huge Davies talk about being Asian at the Underbelly Festival in London