An update on multippl’s first quarter

Dear All,
As it has been three months since the last announcement, I would like to update you on how each month went and our plans for the future.

Firstly, thank you for all the support, both readers and contributors. We are making positive steps toward creating the Mixed Ethnicity World.

August 2021. Month Ni (Two)

As mentioned in the last update, I spent a few weeks at the beginning of August attending a journalism summer school. It was a great experience and I will implement what I learnt during the course throughout the site.

Visits and Posts

The delayed Tokyo Olympics took place and the number of visits on the website rose to four-figures in Month Ni. According to our website host, in the 30 days of August, we had just over 1,000 visits. They were unable to count the number of visits for four days. I am sure the exact number would have been a lot more! A visit defined as a unique IP in a 24-hour period.

The great number of visits were because we were able to publish seven posts with submissions from four different members of multippl. One member posted their article on Instagram, driving a significant number of visitors to the site.

September 2021. Month San (Three)

Having made the website and beta tested it with you all, in September I had burnt out and decided to take a breather. At the moment multippl is unfortunately not my full time job (although I would love to devote all my time and energy to grow the Mixed Ethnicity World one day). I tend to spend evenings and weekends working on multippl. It is important however to take small breaks from time to time for long term efficiency.

In Month San, we conducted our first ever interview with a half Japanese Footballer, please stay tuned for that. Another first, a member of the multippl team attended an event and reviewed it! Please check out our review of the Underbelly’s Big Comedy Night in London.

Visits and Posts

The month of September saw the first all-mixed Asian Women’s US Open Final between Emma Raducanu and Leyla Fernandez. An incredible spectacle that will live in multippl history. Again we were able to publish seven posts from four different members of multippl. Month San had over 1,100 views. Another increase from the month before!

October 2021. Month Yon (Four)

There were considerably fewer posts in Month Yon, but we did a lot behind the scenes!

We worked on the website’s Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), a process of getting found on search engines. A job that is usually outsourced to professional agencies. Nevertheless, as we had three months worth of content that had not been SEO’ed it was important to go through the site and SEO it…there are still a few more things to do. We have also created our social media templates and interviewed a few more multi-people! Again, stay tuned for them.

Visits and Posts

Our biggest number of viewers yet, thanks to the work we did on SEO (I’m guessing!). Our website host did not manage to count the number of visits for one day but regardless, we amassed over 1,850 views. This again can be attributed to the four published posts by four different members of multippl.


On 2 July 2021, a day after the site went live, I applied to trademark the multippl logo with the British Intellectual Property Office. I am pleased to update you all that having gone through a rigorous four month procedure and initially facing a slight issue, multippl is now a registered trademark in the United Kingdom.

Moving Forward

I mentioned earlier that I attended a journalism summer school. I have now applied to the full-time course to obtain an NCTJ Diploma in Journalism. This will increase the credibility of our content and ideally it will help multippl moving forward.

We will also finally begin sharing posts published on multippl, the Mixed Ethnicity World, on our Instagram and Facebook, in the hope that dissemination through social media will help us grow.

Thanks to our members and contributors thus far, our metrics are improving continuously. We hope that we can find more people to contribute in any way possible.

This could be by submitting a post, recommendations, helping with the website or just giving general feedback by contacting us.

Here’s to more exciting news, till the next update!

Stay Warm, Stay Happy


Thomas H C Patterson
Thomas Patterson
NCTJ Level 5 Journalist. I created multippl to build a community of multi-people of East and/or Southeast Asian descent. Growing up I found that I naturally gravitated towards people who are mixed ethnicity, because of similar life experiences we share. I want people to use multippl as a platform to share their stories, meet likeminded people and learn from each other!