Thank you to all Beta Testers…

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I’d like to thank all of those who gave invaluable feedback on the website. Since then, the site has changed a lot. With all feedback in mind, we have worked on certain aspects of the site to make it more user friendly.

Changes made

The site focus

We want to create a digital media platform that focuses on the niche demographic represented by people of mixed ethnicity, while giving them a safe space to connect and interact with others like them. There is the News side that will have regular updates on current events within the mixed ethnicity world and there is the Community side. A lot of access to the site, including writing posts, commenting and seeing the member directory is restricted, until people register and complete their profile. This has been done with a focus on users’ privacy.

The focus of the site will be the Community side. To engage readers and to promote the platform we will inform people that it exists through News articles on the mixed ethnicity world.

The name ‘multippl’

The name ‘multippl‘ has several meanings. It can be read as the word ‘multi-people’ as ‘ppl’ is an abbreviation for people, but it can also be read as ‘multiple’. Both meanings work for the platform we are creating. ‘Multi-‘ is derived from the Latin word ‘multus’, meaning many or much. ‘Multiple’ is an adjective describing something that has many parts. We as multi-people have multiple ethnicities, nationalities, backgrounds, heritage and cultures.

People of ‘Mixed’ ethnicity can be described as having multiple ethnicities or being multi-ethnic. People use ‘Mixed’ as an adjective to describe something that is combined or put together. The terms ‘mixed up’, ‘mixed messages’, ‘mixed feelings’ are fairly negative. In these terms ‘mixed’ seems to be used to illustrate conflict.

The Logo and Colour Scheme

We have decided to go with a blue and yellow colour scheme that is visually pleasing and is present throughout the site.

The new logo was designed with the help of Matt Greenland, a visual creator and friend from Uni. Matt’s design perfectly illustrates what multippl is about, but I’ll leave that to your interpretation! I’d like to personally thank Matt for his very professional work and recommend him to anyone who needs Logo design, animation work and motion designs. Please contact Matt on his Instagram.

Sign Up/Login

To become a free member and have access to all areas of the site, everyone must register (using email, Facebook or Google) and complete their profile. To discourage bots, spammers and the like, some obstacles have been created, for the security of all members. Once your profile has been completed, you can access the member directory, post, comment and follow & be followed by others.

Completing your profile

multippl aims to create a community of multi-people, where we engage with our cultures, celebrate our ethnicities and explore our heritage. To stop bots, spammers and imposters from joining we would require everyone to give their real name. Embrace and be proud of who you are!

Don’t worry if you don’t feel comfortable telling us some information. We have a ‘Prefer not to say’ option for more sensitive information.


We have improved the usability and look of the header menu from what it was previously. The old header as you can see below was very white and plain and was not spaced enough so lacked structure. The new header menu now has dropdown menus and is laid out clearer. The Community area is now separated from the News side. The footer menu has also been revised to look more aesthetically pleasing and easier to navigate.

Mobile Site is now functioning for all types of internet devices. This includes desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Thank you once again to everyone who spent their valuable time looking at the beta-site. The site is constantly evolving, and we are always looking to kaizen (improve) the site. If you have any comments or suggestions, please use our contact form!

I look forward to creating the mixed ethnicity world with all of you on multippl

Arigato! (Thank you!) – Thomas

Thomas H C Patterson
Thomas Patterson
NCTJ Level 5 Journalist. I created multippl to build a community of multi-people of East and/or Southeast Asian descent. Growing up I found that I naturally gravitated towards people who are mixed ethnicity, because of similar life experiences we share. I want people to use multippl as a platform to share their stories, meet likeminded people and learn from each other!