A successful first month, a lot more to come

Dear All,

It has been a month since we officially soft launched multippl on 1 July 2021. I’d just like to thank everyone who has been reading, contributing, and helping create the mixed ethnicity world.

In the early stages of multippl, I am planning to give monthly updates or announcements to bring you all on this journey with us.

July 2021. Month Ichi (one)

This month, as well as biting the bullet and soft launching, we had our first user-generated posts. These varied from very personal pieces, to more educational posts exploring the origins of our heritage.


We have successfully updated our Privacy Policy, Terms and Cookie Policy. These policies set out how we collect your data, keep it safe and use it, as well as how you can use our Service. We won’t ever sell your data, and it’s only used to improve our services by analysing use of our site: what’s popular, when you exit our site, what advertisement works etc.

We have also installed Google Analytics to help us analyse the use our website and further kaizen (improve) visitor experience.

Visits and Posts

I did not expect the sheer number of visits we received in our first month. According to our website host, in the 31 days of July, we had just over 800 visits. A visit defined as a unique IP in a 24-hour period. This was definitely down to the content we published: a total of 18 posts (including user-generated content).

August 2021. Month Ni (two)

Moving into August, we want to keep on growing and we’d love to see improvements across all our metrics, including number of visitors. We’ve got loads of ideas about how we can do this, including some we hope to get started on in August, including reaching out to some of the many talented people within the mixed ethnicity world, interviewing them about their experiences and sharing these exclusively on multippl.

As we move forward, I would love to see more people submit posts. We are still finding our feet and are really eager to hear from more people across the mixed ethnicity world. Please do consider writing a short post, it can be about anything relating to your experience of being mixed ethnicity or the world itself, including personal stories about growing up, a spotlight on multi-people in creative industries or a business run by someone of mixed ethnicity. Find out more about Content Guidelines and how to Submit a Post.

We understand that some people might want to tackle challenging issues in their posts, and therefore may wish to submit posts anonymously. We’re taking this into consideration and are looking into a way of allowing people to post without their real identity being public. Having said that, multippl is all about being proud of who you are and being an open and safe environment for conversation, so we would prefer to read stories about you, from you if possible!

If you have a great story or contact in the mixed ethnicity world but don’t feel fully confident writing a post yourself, please reach out to the friendly multippl team using the recommendations form, or by email. It would be our pleasure to chat!

Posts in the first two weeks of August may be scarce. I will be attending a journalism summer school to improve my skills and learn all about the journalism world. Possibly another major reason to want your stories!

We hope you have a fantastic August. Here’s to month ni!

Cheers, Thomas

Thomas H C Patterson
Thomas Pattersonhttps://www.multippl.com
NCTJ Level 5 Journalist. I created multippl to build a community of multi-people of East and/or Southeast Asian descent. Growing up I found that I naturally gravitated towards people who are mixed ethnicity, because of similar life experiences we share. I want people to use multippl as a platform to share their stories, meet likeminded people and learn from each other!