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Cultural Interzones: ‘Numamushi’ by Mina Ikemoto Ghosh – Novella Review

Numamushi is a novella by Mina Ikemoto Ghosh that fluidly bridges different worlds together. A true Japanese and British cultural blend. 

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Distant Homes: Accessing Your Own Culture as a Third Culture Kid

half Japanese, half Australian Angelica tells her story about being a Third Culture Kid born and raise in London, United Kingdom

Lars Nootbaar and his Half Japanese Identity Redefining Japanese Baseball

Discover how Lars Nootbaar, the first US-born half Japanese half American baseball player influenced Japanese baseball & cultural perceptions

ONI: Thunder God’s Tale – Behind the scenes, and the story

Multippl writer Leyla Bush took part in the production of ONI: Thunder God's Tale out now on Netflix. Leyla explains the story and some BTS!

How growing up bilingual shaped my life

How growing up bilingual shaped half Japanese half Scottish Tom Rose's life, including the pursuit to become multilingual.

Japanese vs British (UK) Funerals: Similarities and Differences

Mourning The Queen, funerals give thanks and acknowledge death. The similarities and differences between Japanese vs British Funerals