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Mixed Japanese 🇯🇵

How growing up bilingual shaped my life

How growing up bilingual shaped half Japanese half Scottish Tom Rose's life, including the pursuit to become multilingual.

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Japanese vs British (UK) Funerals: Similarities and Differences

Mourning The Queen, funerals give thanks and acknowledge death. The similarities and differences between Japanese vs British Funerals

The rise of mixed Asian women in the music industry: Saïna, Ume, Kessari

Multippl spoke to Saina, Ume and Kessari, three mixed Asian women in the music industry all with different experiences and backgrounds.

Meet the mixed Asian athletes competing at the Beijing Winter Olympics

Just like the feature we shared for the delayed Tokyo 2020 Olympics, the multippl team has found all the mixed Asian athletes competing at...

Isamu Noguchi: Sculptor and Citizen of the Earth

The half Japanese half American Isamu Noguchi dubbed by some as the 'Picasso of Sculptor' battled with adversity during his incredible life.

Changing attitudes ‘back home’ towards a mixed Japanese identity

When you think of the Japanese, what do you imagine? For many, a homogenous population comes to mind. Frequently repeated, it's a supposed quality...