Meet the mixed Asian athletes competing at the Beijing Winter Olympics

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Ice Hockey

Brandon Yip / Jinguang Ye – Chinese & Irish

Brandon is the captain of Kunlun Red Star having played in the NCCA for Boston University and NHL under three different teams. In an interview with Denver Post during his time with Colorado Avalanche Brandon says: “My mom’s full Chinese and my dad’s half-Irish and half-Chinese, that’s kind of an odd mix.”

Paris O’Brien / Yongli Ouban – Chinese & Canadian

The 21-year-old goalie was born in British Columbia, Canada, his father is Canadian and mother is Chinese. He played in Coquitlam MHA before working his way up through the ranks to debut for Kunlun Red Star this season.

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Kimberly Newell / Jiaying Zhou – Chinese & Canadian

Kimberly is the first out of four mixed Asian athletes playing in China’s Women’s ice hockey team. Her mother is Chinese and moved to Canada to obtain her PhD while her father is Canadian and played as an ice hockey goaltender in his youth. Her brother Victor Newell played ice hockey for Harvard University. She played at Princeton University, where she studied Mandarin to reconnect with her heritage during her undergrad. She moved to China to play professionally after two years working in finance.

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Anna Fairman / Anna Fei – Chinese & American

Defender Anna Fairman was born in Michigan, American and went to Robert Morris University, where she played Ice Hockey. She has an American father called Mike and a Chinese mother called Fran. Taking time off her studies, she now plays in China for the KRS Vanke Rays who are based in Shenzhen.

Tia Chan / Tiya Chen – Chinese & Canadian

Goalkeeper Tia was born in Ontario, Canada and is half Chinese half Canadian. She graduated from University of Connecticut in 2021. Similar to Anna Fairman, Tia is playing for KRS Vanke Rays, she debuted in September 2021.

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Maddie Woo / Baozhen Hu – Chinese & American

Born in Massachusetts to Arnie and Cindy Woo, half American half Chinese Maddie Woo graduated from Brown University majoring in Biomedical Engineering. She captained the women’s hockey team at Brown University in her senior season. She moved to China in 2017 after graduating and has played there since.

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